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Louet Art Yarn Flyer

Louet Art Yarn FlyerArt yarn flyer . . .

The new Art yarn flyer from Louet is now available. The diameter of the orifice and yarn guide for this flyer is about 20 mm (3/4”). The edges where the yarn crosses are rounded and smooth. This flyer is designed for spinning yarns with large differences in thickness, structure and unusual combinations of materials.

The first pictures and videos that appeared on the Internet of this new flyer, are of different prototypes that were being tested by customers. The final version is vastly improved over the prototype and is recognizable by the black plastic sliding hook ring and the gray laminate finish.

You can use the Art yarn flyer with a standard or bulky bobbin (sold separately). It works with all Louet bobbin lead spinning wheels (S10, S15, S51, S10DT, S51DT, S75) except for the S90.

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