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Carding cloth for drum carders & hand cards . . .

Carding cloth is available in a standard wire field width of 8.5” and and now 11.5" with wire fields of 54, 72, 90 and120 tpi. 190 tpi is available by special order, some limitations and order minimums apply. Please note that the overall width of the cloth is wider than the wire field.

Rule of thumb is, the finer the fiber you wish to card, the higher the wire density. There is considerable overlap so you should choose a carding cloth for the fiber you would most often card.

Typically you would use a combination of cloth when re-covering or building a new carder; for instance if you wanted to use 90 tpi on your main drum you would use a 72 tpi cloth on the smaller (licker-in) drum.

Measuring cloth for your carder is as simple as measuring the diameter of each drum and multiplying that number by Pi (3.1416). The result is the circumference of the drum. Remember, the cloth cannot be stretched if you measure wrong.

Carding cloth is sold in increments of one foot. Extra cloth can be used to re-cover your worn hand cards or make a teasing board.

Blending cloth information . . .

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