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Gripper Strips
EH3CC Gripper Strip EH3CC Gripper Strip - recommended for burlap but will also work with primitive linen and rug warp.

$35.55 Cdn. each plus shipping and GST, if applicable.

EH4CC Gripper Strip EH4CC Gripper Strip - recommended for Monk's cloth but will also work with primitive linen and rug warp.

$35.55 Cdn. each plus shipping and GST, if applicable.

EH5CC Gripper Strip
EH5CC Gripper Strip - recommended for fine linen as used in cross stitch -16 to 32 count.

$35.55 Cdn. each plus shipping and GST, if applicable.

All gripper strips are 1.25" wide with a wire field of 7/8" and 40" long. The backing is a flexible cloth and rubber composite 1/8" thick. These top quality strips are manufactured in the USA by Howard Brush, in busness since 1866.

These strips are designed to grip rug and other fabric backings without damage. Gripper strips provide a quick and easy way to reposition your project quickly. The difference between the three types of grippers is the wire density or number of wires per square inch. The EH5 has a higher wire density than the EH4 and EH3, and the EH4 has a higher wire density than the EH3.

Rule of thumb is the finer the backing the higher the density. There is considerable overlap so you should choose a gripper strip that is recommended for the backing you would most often use.

A simple (or as fancy as you want) wood frame can be made and you can either tack or staple the gripper strips to the frame. The strips can be laid flat, or better still, placed so that they form an arc in the middle of the strip. This can be achieved by fastening the strip over the rounded outside edge of the frame or placing a small piece of half-round on the flat of the frame under the strip. Tip: for added strength use contact cement in addition to upholstery tacks or staples.

Frames can also be manufactured from round or rectangular metal tube with the gripper strips fastened with contact cement, screws or slots welded to the frame - although one would need access to a machine and/or welding shop. Most people have access to wood saws and other woodworking tools so frames are typically manufactured from wood and are much less expensive.

More information about: Cutting and fastening gripper strips

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